One Pot, Seven Herbs: Organic Gardening On the Wildside


One Container Herb Garden – A happy, healthy herb community containing Chives, Basil, Rosemary, Provence Lavendar, Mint, Parsley and Dill. (left to right)

After a few months of nurturing my grocery-store herbs, I decided to kick it up a notch. Still in the same plastic pots, they were suffering from over watering and well, lonely looking.

I googled “herbs gardens” and saw all kinds of fancy ways to make towers and containers with fountains, but I actually cook with this stuff, so I decided to keep it simple and make my own one container herb garden.

Here’s what you will need to put your herbs together in one container in less than ten minutes:

  • Organic soil for vegetables (Miracle-Gro, $4 for a large bag)
  • Large, well draining pot (Walmart, $7)
  • Gloves
  • 5 – 7 small potted herbs (Publix, Walmart & Boutique Gardening, around $4 each)

I recently discovered Bonnie plants and have fallen in love. They are  healthy and full and have a great selection. For around $3 each, they come in a biodegradable pot that you soak before planting which keeps the entire process much cleaner and more efficient. Just peel off the bottom of the “pot” and crumble into the organic gardening soil. Finally, plant and water well.

My seven herbs have been very happy in the self-draining pot I scored, also at Walmart. It was $7 and prevents over or under watering by keeping excess liquid in a reservoir below. This is great for a one-container herb garden, because you can keep the herbs well drained while still in full sunlight, two very important factors for successful herb harvesting.

I selected Basil, Rosemary, Parsley, Provence Lavender, Chives, Mint, Dill and French Thyme. They fit together nicely in one pot and all require full sun and good drainage. Sometimes, I end up wandering outside, just to take a whiff. Be sure to snip them from the top to encourage thicker growth at the base. The only herbs I cut close to the base is the french thyme. This keeps it from tangling up and turning too brown underneath from lack of sunlight.

Being new to organic gardening, I would love any feedback you might have on growing your own vegetables or container gardening.  Leave me a comment and share your gardening love!

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