Unemployment: It’s Not Just for Losers (or “4 Face Slaps You Need Right Now”)

As we all know, the job market in the United States has seen better days. Even if we do see a slight uptick since this time last year, more folks are out of work than ever before and it stinks to high heaven. Especially if you are one of those folks!!

Lots of talented, progressive, highly-skilled leaders are out of work. It turns out, unemployment isn’t just for losers anymore.

I say this with confidence and before you might be tempted to chastise me for using such a “mean” word, think about the way that our society perceives wealth, accomplishments and success. What about other keywords like “power” or “sex appeal”?  We consumers are like toddlers with the appetite of a never-satiated teenage boy. We want, we need, we gotta have. Buying power defines who we are. Without a job, a person is likely perceived to have little or no “buying power” and well, loserly. (I don’t make the rules, just calling it like I see it).

In our world, if you aren’t generating income, profit or opportunities, you are defined as weak and may be tempted to deem yourself worthless.  But don’t! (And if you are one of those casting judgement on your unemployed friends and family members, chill out and lead them to the water)

I attended an award-winning Professional Placement Network (PPN) workshop this week through Workforce One. Turns out that Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale, for the snow-bunnies) has led the nation in providing a detailed training session chock-full of targeted advice on leading a self-powered job search in this brave, new world of often impersonal and dead-end interactions.

It took a proverbial slap in the face to readjust this way of thinking within myself. So, if you are in the midst of a job hunt and feeling beat down, defeated and less-than-stellar, don’t jump in front of a bus, listen carefully to what I will share. After a day with a career coach, you may learn that you are most likely doing nearly EVERYTHING wrong, despite the fact that you think you are a job hunting expert, but that’s okay, because you aren’t alone and you aren’t a loser!

I am reminded of the old adage, “Practice makes perfect” which was wonderfully corrected to “PERFECT practice makes perfect.” If you aren’t finding a job, then you are doing something wrong. Admit it and move forward to do something about it. You feel crummy, but there is nothing wrong with YOU, just what you are doing.

The first day of this workshop debunked several myths I had been clinging to in my own journey and I want to share just a glimmer of the light that a free PPN workshop could inject into your dusty, job hunting soul. These lessons came straight from the curriculum and I take no credit for coming up with them, only digesting and sharing.

  1. “You are the same professional you were when you reported to a boss.” Feeling down is inevitable, but it can also control your mind, damage your mental projections and direct you straight into infertile job harvesting lands. No worries. The calvary at Workforce One provides emotional support for those of us who were feeling a mite bit fragile. (Or close to tears, in my case.)
  2. Unemployed is a dirty word. Unemployment does not have to define you and should not even cross your lips. Go to a class to get the words that should be crossing your lips. Pages and pages of words, tips and tricks that are crafted to sell YOU. So, I change my stance. “The Unemployed” are losers. You are not unemployed. Go find out what you are!
  3. “Job boards like CareerBuilder only account for 10% of reported employment solutions.” Applying to 45 jobs a day through the job board might score you the perfect fit, but you also might win the lottery. See point #3.
  4. Finding a “good fit” is actually attainable, but should be regarded with a more creative perspective. Getting personal is key and all those things your parents told you about job hunting are true, plus a whole lot more!
  5. Employers are checking more of your background than you might realize. It’s not just salary and credit checks anymore, “saying anything” to get the job might be exactly why you didn’t. Make sure you aren’t hobbling yourself with unknown  reports of who you are.

I’m not going to give away all the juicy stuff, because then you would mistakenly feel that you don’t need to attend. You should absolutely, without a doubt,  jump on board with one of these 12-hour sessions which are offered twice a month, over three days. The Professional Placement Network boasts something like 1400 successful job placements as reported by participants. This service is FREE to anyone who has a four-year degree OR five years of management / salary of $35,000.

You can do this! Just be sure to get out of your PJ’s first and get the help you need and deserve! It’s there, its free, its incredibly valuable information! I’m a huge Bill Murray fan, so I hope this won’t be lost on everyone.

Baby steps…”Claim your next perfect job!”

How did you find your last job? What advice would you give to professionals looking to transition in their careers? Share your stories with a comment and let me know what you think.


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