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Maybe. Eventually…

This blog is devoted to sharing best practices from the diverse passions that make up a life – personally, professionally and creatively.

(Mine. It’s my life we are talking about. Yours? Well, only if you share.)

PollySentrick is a place to come together and discuss ideas, thoughts and actions, relevant to each other or not. Because thinking is cool. Discussing is better. But usually, our conversations seem to all tie back to each other.

I have a professional background in Digital Marketing, Sales, Corporate Training & Development, Small Business Management, Dance Education, Hospitality, Wedding & Event Planning, Blog Design and Freelance Writing – technical and business. Does the term “polycentric” ring true yet?

I am really good at all those things, but I don’t confess being a “master” at any of them. For work to be fulfilling, it needs to motivate me to learn more about the world around me, challenge me to climb to higher heights of producing quality work and give me the opportunity to interact, engage and build relationships with people.

Personally, I’m  known for genuinely taking delight in people of all shapes, sorts and kinds. I’m the one that talks to you in the grocery store or strikes up a lifelong friendship through a chance encounter in a gas station (true story!). I am desperately pursuing new ways to live an abundantly full life and encourage others to do the same.

I make cakes for people, even if it takes a week, because I like to let them know I’m thinking of them. I’m a “connector”, a dreamer and fiercely competitive. I like to learn new languages and visit strange places. I have a new-found passion for organic gardening, nutrition and clean living, yet can’t and don’t reconcile that with my love of serving people copious amounts of white sugar to make them smile. I usually say too much and use too many parentheses and commas. I know it and I’m okay with it.

Creativity is the driving force of my life and I’m passionate about people who want to create, do create, talk about creating and create opportunities for other to create. Writing, entertaining and graphic design are my most prolific bodies of work. I also dabble in watercolors, acrylics, woodworking and printmaking.

In a nutshell, my humble ramblings are poured forth from the energetic mind of a self-described lover of life, always excited  and totally in love with the written word; creating joy through the work of my own hands or by taking part in amazing experiences I observe or am lucky enough to share with others.

My words are the description of this journey I’m on and I would love to know more about your brand and how you impact our world. If I really like what you have to say, I will most likely want to spotlight you as someone who has influenced me in a positive way.

Thanks for taking the time to check out what I have to say. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!



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