Miami Salsa Getting Facelift by Local Band, Conexion Latina

Miami’s hottest, new salsa sound might sound a little familiar to you. That’s because it’s coming from Conexion Latina, who describes their sound as “blending old school salsa brava with the new school hits”.

Created by Hector “Tito” Colon, the band is a dream that has been long in the making since he was a child growing up in both Puerto Rico and New York.  Now collaborating with talented musicians from all over the globe and calling Miami “home”, the group makes musical  magic at their shows, under Colon’s direction.

Conexion Latina 305 live performance

Wallflowers beware! Playing hits that you love from the salsa greats and original mash-ups of their own, you won’t be able to sit still when Conexion Latina plays live. This Miami-based salsa band is a twelve-piece phenomenon on the stage, sure to capture the affections of even the most avid salsa aficionado.

One of the projects that I’ve been working this month is a blog for Conexion Latina.  Take a look at their promotional video and follow the Conexion Latina 305 blog to see our progress each week.  You will be the first to know when you can hear them play live! We will also be featuring one-on-one sit down interviews with the musicians, highlights from recent shows and a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to make great salsa. You can also check out Conexion Latina on their facebook page for more videos and news.

Like what you see and want to book the band for your next event? Conexion Latina is now accepting bookings across the continential United States and internationally. Call 786.380.6992 for more information or get booking information online.

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