Lovely and Low-Key: Design Elements For a DIY Bridal Shower

This past weekend, I was honored to have the opportunity to co-host a bridal shower for my best friend, Stephanie. Showering the future Mrs. Agosto with love was almost as fun as planning it. {Am I the only weirdo that likes planning events more than attending them?}

Anyway, I received some really sweet compliments on some of the planning aspects of the celebration and so I decided to share a few snippets here.

The Invitation

Stationary is one my true passions in life. Not just because you can write words on it or because good paper feels rich and luxe, but because personalized stationary has always made me feel special, ever since I was a little girl. I know that others don’t share my love of pen & paper, but I have an aversion to purchasing invitations of any kind. These DIY pink bridal shower invitations incorporated an elegant monogram and delicate, lace doily that matched the feminine, pretty-in-pink theme.

Elegant DIY Pink Bridal Shower Invitation

Decadent Dark Chocolate Cake

When I first discovered fondant, I fell in love with decorating cakes. I have recently begun a similar love affair with fresh buttercream icing.  I made a three-layer dark chocolate, Devil’s Food cake with milk chocolate buttercream icing in between the layers and European Buttercream frosting on the outside. I also used one of the cookies as a cake topper.


Tip – Add the cake topper after arriving at the venue. The moisture from the frosting broke my cookie in half and I had to replace with a back-up while setting up. {Note-To-Self & Others:  Always bring extra icing in a decorating bag. No matter how many times I say this, I always forget.}Bridal Shower Cake with Cookie Topper

Girly Cookies

You may have read my previous post outlining most beautiful cookies in the world and what inspired me to incorporate cookies into my normal cake lady existence.  Personally, the cookies were my favorite part of the bridal shower and they were a big hit with guests. You can get the recipes and ingredients that I used as well as some tips and tricks I learned in my first cookie decorating escapade.


Brunch Munchies

Last month, I stared making the South Beach “egg muffins” and freezing them for easy use in the morning. I thought it would be nice to balance all of the sweets with something a little more savory.  So, I tweaked the low-carb recipe by adding some herbs. In addition to the savory egg cupcakes, I made bacon bowties that I scored from my super amazing writer, artist, Southern-turned-Midwest friend, Ebonee.  {We also had a great gourmet bagel spread, delicious muffins and a fresh fruit salad from Tia Gisella}.

Tip– Be sure to use a warming plate for the egg cupcakes. Not to be dampened by clammy, cold eggs, we were microwaving ours individually as we served them.

Herb Planter Gift

What do you give the girl who qualifies as the most thoughtful person alive? Especially when a part of your ongoing personal action plan is to reach the levels of thoughtfulness that she shows almost effortlessly??  While the bride is known to have a less-than-green thumb and reports indicate that she may have even killed a cactus, I know how much Stephanie loves trying new recipes and using fresh ingredients. {This is the lady who makes her own roasted vegetable puree and can make spaghetti squash taste like a fine Italian pasta.} So, I knew that fresh herbs would be a great gift if we could find a way to keep them alive. Hopefully, this small token of affection will complement the delicious healthy dishes she creates as a wife!

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