Goin’ Back to Callye…For Cookies That Is!

I have been really excited to start blogging again. Recently, through a series of unfortunate events, I have found myself job hunting and it has been a bumpy ride to put it mildly. Or…just lie. Writing keeps me sane and so I welcome the chance to pen my thoughts whether anyone actually reads them or not! Hi, Mama!

I was going to blog about the bridal shower I’m hosting on Saturday and specifically, show my attempt at a cute cookie idea I saw on Pinterest. (I am known for spending days on a cake, so I thought it would be fun to try something new.) Well, I’m not gonna do that. Here’s why. I found a blog that impressed me so much, whether it was about making pretty things or not, it wouldn’t matter, because I am hooked!

The past three days I have been feverishly clicking through the articles on this creative blog, dying to see what else I could learn from the master. “So”, you ask, “what’s it about again?”

COOKIES!!! Yep! Pretty, sweet yummies! Adorable, classy, flashy, cute, colorful cookies.

At The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, you will find engaging content, witty humor, well-crafted tutorials and a raw freshness that makes you want to keep coming back for more. I doubt Callye Alvarado realized that she was destined for blog greatness when she started out by sharing her escapades in icing online and chronicling her late night baking blitzes with fans. But, she has certainly made a splash.

Who knows? Maybe she will let me interview her for a spotlight piece on my upcoming featured artist series. Hint, hint…

Callye’s (okay can I just call her Sugarbelle?) tutorials are succint and simple. The breadth of information that she provides on royal icing, cookie decorating and then regarding being a part of an online community is impressive. Then, as if that wasn’t enough reason to like ‘er, in ADDITION to all that cool stuff she’s got going on, she is ridiculously humble and constantly gives other artists props.

So, I’ll be back tomorrow with my first installment of my “go” on what I heard her (nope, make that READ) she cleverly calls a “cookie crush”.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some best practices to apply to your own digital adventure in brand awareness or you just want to see some dang awesome cookies (and how to make them… )then RUN, (don’t walk) over to her page and definitely don’t miss her on Facebook and Pinterest!

From one “Belle” to another- “Thanks for the inspiration!”

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