They Fish on MTV now??

So, maybe I’m late, but I just found “Catfish” on MTV. Anyone who hasn’t been in the dating scene in the past 10 years could definitely benefit from the education that this documentary-esque show provides. The premise of this hour of quality programming lies on the synthesized meeting of two individuals who have only communicated thus far via Facebook, email, chat and…DUN DUN DUM!…the phone!!

Can you imagine getting soooo… personal that you know your crush’s voice?!?

Okay, so if you answered “Yes” then you are way too old to really understand any of this and you should just go back to “liking”  cool cat videos on Facebook because this is beyond your comprehension and might just blow your mind.

Adults, be warned! Dating these days is so unlike anything our grandparents, parents, older siblings or even married friends have experienced. Dating today most likely consists of months of electronic commmunication with a few, one, or even NO real, in-person meeting!

“How can this be?” you ask. Well, it’s pretty simple. The internet has allowed us all to stay in our safe cocoons,  creating whatever persona we feel like affecting and seeing where it gets us. And who can blame us?  In a world where a man is always one-upped by another smarter,  suaver and bigger hero and a woman is easily replaced by a more doting, yet sexier, iconic and stimulating female, why should we settle for reality, when fantasy is being spoon-fed to us around the clock?

Here’s why. Every fantasy has a “behind-the- scenes”, just like every balloon can be popped and what goes up must come down. (You like what I did there?)

So, if you are so lucky in this ridiculously hectic and impersonal world to connect with a real human being. ..LATCH ON! Make a real connection!  Share thoughts,  ideas and laughter!  For the love of God, embrace the humanity of eye contact, body warmth and pheromones!

In the meantime,  the rest of us will thankfully remain content in our media-defined boring, mediocre family-like existences while single peeps are comfy with intimate experiences on a box of plastic and metal. Thankfully, there is exceptional programming like “Catfish” to keep us old fogies in touch with what a “real” relationship looks like.



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