Making a Conexion – Freelancing in Miami Salsa

I’m very excited to be working freelance again and in salsa of all things! After two years of getting “settled in” down in sunny South Florida, I have decided to open myself back up to the possibility of working for myself. And no, I am not a ballroom dance instructor or a congo playing crooner…at least this week.

My new project for February will be establishing a better online presence for La Conexion Latina 305, a Miami-based salsa band made up of a diverse group of talented musicians.

The brainchild of  Hector “Tito” Colon, this band melds traditional Nuyorican salsa with Afrocentric rythyms. Tito y su orquestra masterfully put together striking melodies of flavorful salsa with new-school hooks from pop and rock.

This is the first time I have worked professionally with a group of musicians and I look forward to bringing a little PollySentrick quickstep to their game. Any pointers on how to get a quick tutorial in spicy?

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