Polycentric [pol-ee-sen-trik]

So just what the heck does PollySentrick mean? Well, here’s the definition.



adjective. having many centers, especially of power or importance
A few years ago, I was trying to develop my Twitter user name a few years ago and struggling with a creative name that represented me. The moniker PollySentrick was the suggestion of my liberty loving brother and was surely meant to refer to a government of the people, by the people. Well, I saw more relevancy as I applied it to myself and my inability to focus on just one thing in my life because there are so many “centers” of importance in my life. Rather than allow this to be a handicap, I knew I wanted to grow professionally and personally. Focus would have to be a targeted effort and strategically applied in the right places, if I wanted any return on my investment.
So, PollySentrick was born as I embraced and continue to accept the diverse passions in my life–professionally, personally and creatively. Even if 99% of what I attempt fails, I will have 1% of sweet success. My commitment is to constantly create and produce works so that the 1% might actually be of substantial breadth and depth.
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